What are the best seafood to enjoy in summer?

The hottest season of the year is almost here and will soon bring with it longer days, shorter nights and warmer weather. Just as everything changes with the season, so do the fish and seafood that are typical of summer. Do you know which are the most recommended and popular at this time of year?

Being aware of when is the best season for each food will be key for us to be able to enjoy its flavour at its optimum point. For this reason, from Guerrero FishWe present you our choice of the best fish and seafood for the summer.

Seasonal fish in summer

Fish is a light and nutritious food ideal for preparing dishes that you can offer as an appetizer, first course or main course at home. Especially in summer, fish becomes an excellent choice due to its freshness and easy digestibility. Similarly, its versatility allows you to create light meals, perfect for hot days. In addition, fish is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and various minerals, making it a healthy and delicious option for those looking to maintain a balanced diet during the summer season.

Fish you can't miss this summer


Sardines are probably one of the most popular fish at this time of year. They fall into the category of oily fish thanks to their remarkable omega-3 fatty acid content. This means that their consumption regulates cholesterol levels, thus promoting blood circulation.

On the other hand, this fish is extremely versatile, as it is possible to prepare it using a wide variety of cooking methods. Some suggestions are marinated, baked, pickled, in a spit, etc.


The best time to enjoy tuna starts in June and can last until October. It is a high-protein alternative, making it a food with important health benefits. In addition, it stands out for its lean and tasty meat, ideal for grilling. This method brings out its natural texture and flavour, and is a perfect alternative so that you don't need to add unnecessary fat.


Anchovies lend themselves to the preparation of light and refreshing dishes, such as anchovies in vinegar, which are optimal for hot days. In this dish, the anchovies are marinated in a mixture of vinegar, olive oil, garlic and parsley, which gives them a fresh, acidic flavour. They can also be found fried, usually in flour batter, and accompanied by a slice of lemon.

On the other hand, summer is the season when anchovies are at their freshest and most abundantly available. This ensures that they can be enjoyed at their best, with optimum quality and superior flavour.

Seafood ideal for summer

Seafood is a delight in summer, and is an excellent alternative for preparing cold, nutritious and light dishes. This is one of the reasons why in coastal regions, such as Malaga, their consumption is in high demand.

Here are several types of seafood that are a must on your summer menu:


Many octopus recipes, such as salads, for example, are served cold, which makes them perfect for combating the summer heat.

In addition, Galician-style octopus, a traditional recipe from the region of Galicia, consists of octopus cooked in salted water, sliced and served with olive oil, coarse salt and paprika, all accompanied by boiled potatoes. This dish, although not served cold, has a combination of flavours and textures that is comforting even in hot climates.


Lobster, also known as European lobster, is a highly prized seafood during the summer. During this season, this crustacean reaches its peak in terms of freshness and flavour. Its high vitamin and mineral content also makes it an ideal choice for recovering nutrients lost through excessive perspiration during hot summer days. In terms of minerals, it is a valuable source of iodine, potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, copper, calcium and iron.

Royal Norway lobster

The langoustine, also known as the royal langoustine, king prawn or Sanlúcar prawn, is a highly prized shellfish, especially in the summer months. This crustacean is characterised by its tender and sweet meat, as well as its considerable size compared to other shellfish.

A common way to enjoy king lobster in summer is simply boiled and served cold, accompanied by a light sauce, such as aioli or lemon-herb sauce. It can also be prepared in gazpacho, in salads, in rice, stir-fried or tartar. Its distinctive flavour and its ability to enhance the flavour of other ingredients make it a very versatile choice in summer cooking.


When you have the opportunity to have these fish and seafood during the sunny days of summer, you have the chance to offer your family super nutritious options.

In addition, our frozen products offer you the advantage of being able to count on them during these warm months, while avoiding possible price increases due to high demand. Go to our online shop and you will discover a wide variety of seasonal fish and seafood available to you.

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