Our Experience at the 24th Conxemar International Fair 2023

The recent conclusion of the 24th Conxemar International Fair in Vigo has left a lasting imprint on our team of Pescados y Congelados Guerrero. Participating in this significant event has been a proud and learning experience, where the cutting edge of innovation met the rich tradition that defines our industry.

Representing the essence of Pescados y Congelados Guerrero, José Manuel and Miguel Ángel Guerrero took our passion and professionalism to the heart of Vigo. It was not only an opportunity to represent our firm, but also a valuable occasion to strengthen relationships with our valued customers and suppliers.

With every encounter and conversation at the show, we were able to explore the latest trends that are shaping the seafood and frozen products. In addition, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the excellence and freshness that characterises our products.

Source: https://www.conxemar.com/es/feria-2023/

The moments of enriching interaction and inspiring discoveries in Conxemar 2023 have further fueled our passion for delivering superior products. We are already counting down the days to next year's edition, confident that it will be another enriching experience. We thank all those who were part of this memorable day. 

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Pescados y Congelados Guerrero

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