Difference between shrimp and prawn

What is the difference between a shrimp and a prawn? To tell the truth, these two succulent seafoods can cause a great deal of confusion, as at first glance they look very similar. However, if we pay attention, we can realise that we are talking about two quite different products.

In our experience, in Fish and Congelados Guerrero we want to help you differentiate a shrimp from a prawn through 4 simple tips that you can learn below:

Colour variations

Generally, prawns have a soft pink colour with brownish lines. Shrimps, on the other hand, range in colour from red to orange.

In any case, we should not get carried away by the colour alone. Especially because the colour of the shrimp may differ according to the species. For this reason, in order to be more certain, it is necessary to additionally consider other aspects in which a shrimp differs from a prawn.

Size variations

Prawns are larger in size. In fact, when they are small they can reach up to 12 cm, and in their adult stage they can reach up to 20 cm in length.

On the other hand, shrimps are smaller shellfish, so much so that their length does not exceed 10 cm during adulthood. When they are small, they are usually only 5 or 6 cm long.

On a physical level, another characteristic that makes the difference between a shrimp and a prawn is related to the size of their heads. In the case of the prawn, it has a much more proportionate head compared to that of the shrimp.

Flavour variations

There is no doubt that both seafoods stand out for their irresistible taste. However, taste is another aspect that can help us to differentiate between them.

On the one hand, prawns are less juicy and more robust, while shrimps are juicier and distinguished by their softness. Prawns are also characterised by a more intense flavour.

Price variations

Another important difference between shrimp and prawns has to do with price. Whatever the season, shrimps always tend to be more expensive than prawns. This is associated with the enormous convenience they offer when it comes to preparing them.

On the other hand, prawns are not as versatile in the kitchen. Therefore, their price is much cheaper in the vast majority of shops in Spain.

In short, if you have got a bit confused when trying to understand the differences between prawns and king prawns, don't worry any more. At Pescados y Congelados Guerrero we bring you the seafood you want, respecting the highest standards of quality and freshness.

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