What is red mullet and what are its nutritional benefits?

The red mullet is a fish of great value in the gastronomic field thanks to its exquisite flavour and incomparable texture. It also gives dishes a very attractive appearance, as it has a suggestive pink-salmon hue. In addition, the red mullet has important nutritional benefits, making it an ideal everyday choice.

Is red mullet a white fish or an oily fish?

This valuable fish measures between 10 and 40 cm and can weigh between half a kilo and one kilo. It can be found in both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, although those caught in the Mediterranean have a higher value.

There is two types of red mulletOne of them has a muddy habitat, and the other is found in rockier areas. In any case, both species live at depths of around 120 metres.

It is worth mentioning that several of the nutritional benefits of red mullet are due to their diet, which is based on small fish and crustaceans. This aspect is also responsible for its appetising taste.

However, one of the questions that this fish usually generates is whether we are talking about a white or blue fish. In fact, this will depend on its level of fat, which changes during the course of the year. Consequently, as it is a semi-fatty fish, there is a time when it could be considered as blue, and another time when it falls into the category of white fish.

However, in general terms, it is considered a white fish, as it tends to have a low percentage of fat. It has 4% of fat and only provides 90 kcal per 100 grams. For this reason, it is an excellent fish for a healthy diet.

Mullet: nutritional benefits

High in Omega-3, protein and B vitamins

The red mullet provides us with a high level of highly bioavailable protein, as well as various vitamins and minerals. It is also distinguished by its notable contribution of omega 3 fatty acids.

Vitamins include B1, B2 and B3. On the other hand, among the minerals, it has an admirable content of iron, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Health benefits

In addition to the nutritional benefits of red mulletThe consumption of this fish is very positive for our health and general wellbeing. Thanks to its nutritional value, there are several reasons why you should include this fish in your diet:

● Anti-inflammatory properties.
● Protective effects on heart health.
● Skin and mucous membrane maintenance.
● Strengthening of defences.
● Improved mental dexterity and better memorisation skills.
Prevention of anaemia.
● Strong teeth and bones.
● Helps the muscular system.

What is the best way to cook it?

If the size is medium to large, we recommend baking or grilling. On the other hand, if the specimens are small, you can fry them using their own juices.

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