Anchovies: one of Malaga's most popular fish dishes.

The anchovyalso known as aladroque or bocarte, is a blue fish reaching a length of about 15 to 20 cm in length.

It is a star food on most Malaga tables and has a magnificent flavour. At MalagaIt is also known as boquerón vitoriano.

In addition, Malagueños are often referred to as ".anchovies"elsewhere in Spain, in honour of the city's popular fish: the boquerón!

Benefits you will get from eating this tasty oily fish

Omega 3

The anchovies have great nutritional value. Firstly, they contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for reducing blood sugar levels. cholesterol and increase blood flow. Consequently, they help to prevent clot generation.

High biological value proteins

On the other hand, they are a optimal source of protein They have a high biological value and contain several vitamins that our body needs: B-complex vitamins, as well as vitamin A and D.


Vitamin A

The vitamin A is indispensable for the formation, preservation and repair of skin, teeth, mucous membranes and other tissues. It is also known as retinolIt synthesises pigments in the retina of our eyes. It even helps to have better vision, especially in dim light.

Vitamin D

This vitamin controls the blood levels of calcium and stimulates its absorption and fixation to the bones. Likewise, if we eat anchovies in the traditional way (with the bones), this dish provides us with calcium.

In short, this blue fish is perfect for taking care of our health and nutrition. In addition to all the benefits we have already mentioned, it provides us with energy and satiety.

How to consume anchovies?

As abundant as anchovies are in the Mediterranean Sea, they have gained enormous popularity in the Mediterranean. MalagaIt forms part of various culinary preparations. For this reason, this dish could not be missing in restaurants or bars that have a classic malagueño menu.

However, when it comes to deciding how to cook it, the truth is that it can be prepared using a wide variety of different gastronomic techniques. You can batter the anchovies, roast them in the oven, grill them, fry them or fry them with garlic. In any of these cases, their nutritional properties will be preserved.

In any case, the best way to cook boquerones malagueños (anchovies from Málaga)Because of their small size, they are coated in flour and fried. Here are some tips.


How to cook fried anchovies?

First, you will need to clean the anchoviesto remove their heads and guts. To do this, just grab its body with one hand and with the other, grab and pull its head. However, if you wish to skip this step, some fishmongers they can do it for you.

Once you have removed the guts, you need to wash the anchovies, add salt and start heating the oil. When the oil is hot enough, coat the anchovies with flour, shake them to remove the excess, and start frying them in batches. In this way you will prevent the oil from cooling suddenly and you will obtain better final results. At the end of cooking, you can serve them with potatoes or a light salad.

fried anchovies

The best anchovies in Malaga

This blue fish is of great value, as it is a high quality local foodstuff. We invite you to taste some fresh and delicious anchovies, which you can get by visiting our online shop.

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