Nutritional benefits of lobster: why it's a healthy choice for your diet

The lobster is commonly known as the king of seafood, due to the authenticity of its flavour and texture. In addition, it is often cooked alongside other seafood, such as spider crabs, prawns, crab and king prawns. Although it is actually delicious on its own.

In addition, this popular crustacean has a high emulsifying power of great value for sauces, and increases the flavour and aroma of various preparations made with it.

As if this were not enough, apart from its importance in the gastronomic field, the lobster is also prized for its nutritional benefits. In fact, it is considered one of the most complete foods we could ever eat. Here we tell you in more detail about the nutritional properties that characterise it.

Nutritional properties

In terms of nutritional value, this crustacean is distinguished by its valuable protein, iodine, phosphorus, selenium and vitamin E content.


This mineral is essential for the proper functioning of the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Similarly, the iodineIt is involved in the metabolism of other nutrients, and cooperates with the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.


The proteins of high biological value present in lobster offer numerous benefits:

  • They enable our bodies to build and repair tissues, such as hair, skin, muscles and bones.
  • At the same time they are indispensable for our body to produce antibodies, enzymes and hormones.
  • They help to maintain muscle mass.
  • They are useful for regulating appetite and increasing satiety.
  • They contribute to the prevention of bone problems.
  • They may reduce the risk of heart disease.

The lobster: a food rich in Vitamin E

The vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant, increasing our body's defence response to toxic compounds entering through the nose or mouth.

Furthermore, the antioxidant power of this vitamin not only protects our defence system, but is also vital for the health of the nervous system, contributing to memory.

Moreover, thanks to its vitamin E content, eating lobster benefits the health of the heart, preventing thrombi formation. In addition, vitamin E prevents tissue ageing and helps to renew elastin and collagen fibres.


It improves our immune system and protects us from cardiovascular diseases. This mineral also has antioxidant properties, and therefore slows down the ageing of cells. It thus helps to prevent certain diseases such as cancer. The role of selenium is closely related to the functions of vitamin E.

Lobster: an important source of phosphorus

This mineral is essential for the formation and growth of teeth and bones. It also plays a key role in the secretion of breast milk.

On the other hand, when this mineral is part of the cell membranes of the nervous system, it benefits the communication between the nervous system and the cells of the nervous system. neurons. This increases intellectual capacity and memory.

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