New Strategy of the Malaga Fishing Group 2021-2027

On 27 September in La Térmica in MálagaMiguel Ángel Guerrero, Manager of Pescados y Congelados Guerrerowas invited to actively collaborate by contributing ideas for the development of the blue economy in Malaga, within the 2021-2027 strategic plan, due to his extensive experience and knowledge of the sector.

From Pescados y Congelados Guerrero we are committed to a clear path towards the sustainability and prosperity of our fishing industry in Malaga.

We invite everyone to explore and read more about the strategy in the report of the Malaga Fishing Group.
Picture of Pescados y Congelados Guerrero
Pescados y Congelados Guerrero

A Malaga-based fresh and frozen food distribution and production group with more than 50 years in the sector.

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