Collaborating with Corazón in the event Te Invito a Cenar en Málaga 2023

At Pescados y Congelados Guerrerowe are proud to announce our recent collaboration in the event I'll buy you dinner held in Malaga on 21 December. This event, which has become a must-attend event in the city, reflects our commitment to the community and our passion for contributing to initiatives that make a difference.

I'll buy you dinner is more than an event, it is a solidarity movement that brings together people from different fields to offer a gala dinner to people in vulnerable situations during the Christmas season. This year, in Malaga, the event not only provided an unforgettable evening for the attendees, but also served as a platform to show the solidarity and human warmth of the Malaga community.

As partners of this event, in Pescados y Congelados Guerrero We contributed not only resources, but also our heart and effort to ensure that the experience was memorable.

For those who were unable to attend, or for those who wish to relive the highlights of the event, we have excellent news: the video summary of Te Invito a Cenar en Málaga is now available.

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